Righting Wrongs, One Case at a Time

Employment & Personal Injury Litigation

Pospis Law, PLLC is a New York City law firm based in downtown Manhattan. We primarily represent individual plaintiffs in the following types of cases:

Employment Law, including:

Personal Injury, including:

Millions of Dollars Recovered for Our Clients

Mike Pospis, the firm’s owner,┬áhas recovered millions of dollars for his clients, and fights tirelessly against unfairness and unlawful conduct in the workplace and elsewhere.

Attorney Fees

We offer flexible and reasonable fees, including:

  • Contingency fees: the fee is calculated as a percentage of the amount recovered, if any. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.
  • Hourly fees: the fee is calculated by multiplying the hours spent by a fixed hourly rate, with an up-front sum (or “retainer”) that is drawn down as work progresses on the matter.
  • Hybrid fees, employing a combination of hourly and contingency fees.

Attorney fees are determined on a case-by-case basis. (All representation in personal injury and sexual harassment cases is conducted on a pure contingency basis.) The initial phone call is always free. Office consultations are by appointment only.

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