Empire State Building NYPD Shooting Lawsuit

Below is the complaint filed by Chenin Duclos this week against the City of New York and several police officers.  Plaintiff was one of the several bystanders shot by NYPD officers as they attempted to apprehend suspected shooter Jeffrey Johnson near the Empire State Building last August.

Specifically, Duclos asserts the following causes of action:  (1) negligence, (2) negligent supervision, training, hiring and retention, (3) gross negligence, (4) intentional/reckless infliction of emotional distress, and (5) negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Among the many alleged factual grounds for negligence are that the officers were negligent in “[f]iring weapons while located within inches of and in the midst of numerous innocent bystanders” and “[f]ail[ing] to properly and accurately discharge their weapons”.

Whether this lawsuit will ultimately be successful remains to be seen; I’ve previously written about at least one police-bystander-shooting case where plaintiff lost.

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