This Restaurant’s Salad Rocks (Not in the Good Way)

Here is the complaint, recently filed by model Carolina Rommel, against the owner of NoHo restaurant Public. Plaintiff alleges that, while dining at defendant’s restaurant in October 2011, she “bit into a rock contained in a warm lentil salad that had been served to her by defendant.

It further alleges:

Plaintiff’s injuries have been exacerbated by the unique nature of her employment and her preexisting medical condition. As a high fashion model, plaintiff’s physical appearance is essential to her ability to work. Plaintiff is afflicted with dermotographic urticaria, which has resulted in abnormal swelling due to trauma in the affected areas both at the time of the occurrence and incident to th emultiple dental procedures to which plaintiff has been subjected as a direct and proximate cause of defendant’s negligence. These injuries required plaintiff to cancel modeling engagements and prevented her from being employed in her field.

Stated another way: defendants take plaintiffs as they find them.

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