Lawsuit: Bitten by Police Horse

Here is the complaint, captioned Ekberg v. City of New York (NY Sup. Ct., NY Cty., Index # 158642/2015, filed 8/20/15) in which plaintiff alleges that she was injured after being bitten by a NYPD horse while on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. (I’m very curious to know why, in 2015, large animals with teeth are present in such a densely-packed area.)

In any event, the complaint alleges, among other things, that while at 120 Orchard Street in Manhattan on November 15, 2014, plaintiff was bitten by a police horse and that “by allowing the aforesaid police horse, with vicious propensities that defendants knew or should have known of such propensities, to approach, menace, attack and bite the plaintiff, plaintiff was caused to suffer serious personal injuries.”

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