First Amendment and Profanity

Here is the recent decision in Barboza v. D’Agata, SDNY 13-cv-4067 (9/10/15) in which Judge Seibel ruled on the parties’ summary judgment motions. In this case, plaintiff alleged in his federal lawsuit that his arrest under (now unconstitutional) NY Penal Law § 240.30(1) for writing “fuck your shitty town bitches” on a speeding ticket payment form violated his constitutional…

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As reported in today’s New York Post, plaintiff Robert Bell has agreed to settle his case against the City of New York for $15,000. If you recall, Bell sued last summer, claiming he was falsely arrested after displaying his middle finger to NYPD officers.  You can read more about his lawsuit (and read his complaint)…

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The Second Circuit yesterday, in Swartz v. Insogna, vacated a summary judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s claims allegedly arising from giving police the middle finger.  (This is not the first time we have chronicled middle finger-inspired litigation.)  In its first footnote, the court briefly summarized the history of “giving the finger”, citing a case and a law review article discussing…

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