FRE 404(b)

In a recent case, Rudolph v. Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Civil Action No.: 3:18-cv-6071-PGS-TJB, 2023 WL 5638844 (D.N.J. August 31, 2023), the court denied defendant’s motion in limine seeking to prelude plaintiff from introducing evidence of other employees’ allegations of discrimination. This evidence, typically referred to as “me too” evidence, can be very useful in a discrimination…

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A recent decision, Boyce v. Bruce Weber and Little Bear, Inc., 19-cv-3825, 2021 WL 2821154 (S.D.N.Y. July 7, 2021), is instructive as to how courts resolve evidentiary issues arising in the context of sexual harassment claims. In this case, plaintiff (a fashion model) asserts claims for sexual harassment against defendant Weber (a fashion photographer) under…

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