Holiday Party

In a lawsuit filed April 2, 2015 and captioned Lombardi v. CBS Broadcasting, Inc. et al., 15-cv-02516, plaintiff Lombardi asserts various claims against defendant CBS, including gender discrimination, retaliation, constructive discharge, aiding and abetting discrimination, and hostile work environment. Among other allegations, plaintiff (who is male) alleges that at CBS’ December 2013 holiday party, a…

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In Dominguez v. Caliber Associates II, Inc. et al. (NY Sup. Ct. Index No. 150944/2014), decided May 20, 2014, the Supreme Court (NY County) denied defendants’ motion to dismiss plaintiff’s claims for sexual harassment under the NYC Human Rights Law and battery against Caliber Associates and Caliber’s owner. (The court granted defendants’ motion to dismiss plaintiff’s causes…

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‘Tis the season for company holiday parties, where the awkward mingling with co-workers and the free flow of alcohol can combine to create uncomfortable and humiliating social situations and, in some cases, possible legal liability for discrimination and harassment. Despite various warnings about maintaining professionalism, it seems that every year there are people who embarrass themselves…

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