Insurance Coverage Dispute

In Hamilton Specialty Insurance Company, Inc. v. Kinsale Insurance Co., 19-cv-5548, 2020 WL 1876358 (S.D.N.Y. April 15, 2020), the court held that a claim arising from an employment discrimination lawsuit was subject to an exclusion under an insurance policy (specifically, that policy’s “criminal act exclusion”). Here, the plaintiff (Hamilton) is an insurance company suing another…

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In a recent lawsuit, captioned Federal Insurance Company et al v. Harvey Weinstein, NY Sup. Ct. Index No. 650952/2018 (Feb. 28, 2018), various insurance companies seek a Declaratory Judgment “that certain insurance policies it issued to Named Insured Harvey Weinstein do not provide coverage for defense or indemnity for … eleven sexual assault and sexual…

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