Judge: Judy H. Kim

In Almasri v. City of New York – N.Y.C. Dept. of Educ., No. 155062/2021, 2023 WL 3819099 (N.Y. Sup Ct, New York County June 05, 2023), the court, inter alia, denied defendants’ motion to dismiss plaintiff’s employment discrimination claims. From the decision: The Court now turns to the branch of DOE’s motion, pursuant to CPLR…

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In Christian v. The Dept. of Educ. of the City of New York, No. 158793/2021, 2022 WL 17177577 (N.Y. Sup Ct, New York County Nov. 23, 2022), the court denied defendant’s motion to dismiss plaintiff’s race discrimination claims under the New York State and City Human Rights Laws. From the decision: That branch of defendants’…

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In Ames v. New York City Dept. of Educ., No. 151743/2021, 2022 WL 705673 (N.Y. Sup Ct, New York County Mar. 09, 2022), the court, inter alia, dismissed plaintiff’s employment discrimination complaint under CPLR 3211(a)(5), since it was barred by a release plaintiff entered into. From the decision: This action is barred by the releases…

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