Police Brutality/Excessive Force

Most people are (or at least think they are) familiar with the amendments comprising the Bill of Rights, namely those involving (obviously paraphrasing and simplifying here) “free speech” (First), gun issues (Second), illegal searches and seizures (Fourth), the “right to remain silent” (Fifth), the right to counsel (Sixth), the right to a jury trial (Seventh),…

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Below are three separate complaints filed yesterday by, respectively, plaintiffs Julie Lawler, Kelly Hanlin, and Damien Crisp against the City of New York and several named and “John Doe” NYPD employees, for damages and injunctive relief under, inter alia, 42 U.S.C. § 1983.  The crux of plaintiffs’ claims is that they were injured as a…

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Gomez v. Village of Sleepy Hollow, 2011 WL 2652439 (SDNY July 6, 2011): Facts / Procedure After allegedly seeing her husband being assaulted by several members of the police and repeated, unsuccessful attempts to seek police help, plaintiff grabbed the arm of one officer (Quinoy) and demanded that he stop.  In response, Quinoy “picked her up…

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