Pregnancy Discrimination

In a recent complaint filed in the Southern District of New York, Moore v. Despont Studios LLC et al, 15-cv-00619, plaintiff – an architect and former employee of Despont Studios LLC d/b/a The Office of Thierry W. Despont, Ltd. – asserts claims of gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, and retaliation. From her complaint: In stark contrast to its progressive…

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On October 21, 2015, Governor Cuomo signed into law several bills, collectively known as the “Women’s Equality Act” (Assembly Bill No. A08070), that will accord greater protections to women in the workplace. These new laws will take effect 90 days after signing, in January 2016. According to the Governor’s website, this legislation “will help to ensure that…

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In Krause v. Lancer & Loader Group LLC, 40 Misc.3d 385 (Sup. Ct. NY Cty. May 1, 2013), the court confirms that both the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) and the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) recognize claims of pregnancy discrimination, and that she stated such a claim under both laws.…

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