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On January 10, 2018, the New York City Human Rights Law was amended with respect to its definitions of “sexual orientation” (N.Y.C. Admin. Code § 8-102(20)) and “gender” (id. § 8-102(23)) to effectively broaden those terms. The NYC Human Rights Law, inter alia, prohibits discrimination (in various forms) “because of the actual or perceived … gender [or] […]

On May 4, 2017, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed Introduction 1253-2016, a Local Law law that prohibits all NYC employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s salary history. It takes effect 180 days after enactment. The Mayor underscored the purpose of the law, namely, stamping out income inequality: It is unacceptable that […]

NYC recently passed, with 51 votes, the “Freelance Isn’t Free Act“, which offers significant wage protections to freelance workers. The law becomes effective on May 15, 2017. The New York City Council provides the following summary of the law, which is codified at newly-added chapter 10 to Title 20 of the Administrative Code of the […]

The New York City Council has proposed a Local Law was proposed “to amend the administrative code of the city of New York, in relation to prohibiting employers from inquiring about or relying on a prospective employee’s salary history.” From the summary: This bill would prohibit employers from inquiring about a prospective employee’s salary history during […]

On March 28, 2016, Mayor de Blasio signed into law several bills (including Intros 805-A, 814-A, 818-A, and 819) amending the New York City Human Rights Law. These new laws, among other things, enhance the rights of New Yorkers to be free from discrimination in the areas of public accommodations and employment. During a public […]

The New York State Division of Human Rights has released its “Guidance on Sexual Harassment For All Employers in New York State.” It provides, among other things: The provisions of the [New York State] Human Rights Law generally apply to employers with four or more employees. However, with regard specifically to sexual harassment, the Human […]

Governor Cuomo recently signed into law A6265/S5188, which amends N.Y. C.P.L.R. 3212 – the statute that governs summary judgment – with respect to the use of expert affidavits. The statute now reads, with new text bolded: (b) Supporting proof; grounds; relief to either party. A motion for summary judgment shall be supported by affidavit, by a […]

On October 21, 2015, Governor Cuomo signed into law several bills, collectively known as the “Women’s Equality Act” (Assembly Bill No. A08070), that will accord greater protections to women in the workplace. These new laws will take effect 90 days after signing, in January 2016. According to the Governor’s website, this legislation “will help to ensure that […]

Effective today (September 3, 2015), the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act (SCDEA) amends the NYC Human Rights Law (Title 8 of the NYC Administrative Code) to prohibit discrimination based on credit history. A New “Unlawful Discriminatory Practice” Specifically, the SCDEA adds a new section, § 8-107(24), to the NYCHRL. That section provides: (a) Except as […]

On June 29, 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed law number 2015/063, a Local Law to amend the NYC Administrative code in relation to prohibiting discrimination based on one’s arrest record or criminal conviction. The amendments are reflected here (website URL here). The law, also known as the “Fair Chance Act“, was effectively designed to “ban the […]