Freelancer and Independent Contractor Payment Disputes

Have you (or your company) performed services for which you have not been paid? If so, Pospis Law can help. We have secured payment for non-employee individuals and companies who have not been paid for their work.

The unfortunate reality is that, while many larger businesses enjoy the personal service and expertise that freelancers and independent contractors provide – often at competitive (i.e., lower) rates than larger businesses – there may be a reluctance to pay all (or, in some cases, any) of the amounts charged. As a result, the hired party is often forced into a difficult financial situation which may affect its ability to conduct its business. What is worse, the hiring party may willfully fail to pay, due to its belief that it is not cost-effective for the independent contractor to hire an attorney to pursue legal remedies on their behalf. In effect, they use the freelancer’s relatively small size as leverage in what effectively amounts to theft.

The good news is that you have rights. The soon-to-be-effective (May 15, 2017) Freelance Isn’t Free Act [NYC site], as well as the law of contracts (including the implied and “quasi contract” doctrines of quantum meruit and unjust enrichment), may be used to secure payment for services rendered.

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