Lawsuit Seeks Damages for False Arrest and Involuntary Hospitalization Arising From Non-Disruptive Public Intoxication

Below is a copy of the complaint, captioned Sowers v. City of New York (SDNY 12-cv-1294), filed in the Southern District of New York by Chloe Sowers against the City of New York, NYPD officer Kevin McKeon, and New York Downtown Hospital.

In it, Ms. Sowers alleges that while she was waiting for the Staten Island ferry, she was arrested and forcibly taken to the hospital, restrained, and drugged against her will – for no legally justifiable reason.

According to her complaint, Ms. Sowers was targeted by McKeon because she elected, due to the absence of an available seat in the ferry terminal, to sit on the floor. While admittedly intoxicated, she was not being disruptive in any way.

If what she alleges is true, I truly hope that she succeeds in extracting significant damages from all named defendants.

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