Brooks Brothers Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Below and here is the complaint, captioned Pino v. Brooks Brothers Group, Inc. et al., 13-CV-5022, filed by a female factory worker against Brooks Brothers and related entities in the Eastern District of New York. Plaintiff asserts claims of gender discrimination, race discrimination, national origin discrimination, and retaliation.

Among other things, plaintiff alleges that her supervisor and manager Mario Batista discriminated against her by, for example, ogling her while she changed clothes, leered at her while she was working, touched her breast, rubbed his body against her, and told her weekly that “I’ll take you out for dinner and drinks, then we’ll have sex.”

She also claims, for example, that when she rejected Batista’s sexual advances and told him to stop, Batista called her “Ecuadorian crap” and “worthless”, and that after she complained to Human Resources regarding discrimination, defendants gave plaintiff “an increasingly hard time” about her taking time off to accompany her daughter to medical appointments.

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