Lawsuit Alleging Race and Disability Discrimination Against Barclays Center

In a recently-filed complaint, five plaintiffs allege that they were subject to discrimination and a hostile work environment based on their race and disabilities while employed by Levy Premium Foodservice Limited Partnership, which provides food and catering services for Brooklyn Events Center, d/b/a Barclays Center.

Plaintiffs (who are black) allege that defendants subjected plaintiffs to a racially hostile work environment by repeatedly referring to them using racially derogatory terms (such as “black motherfucker”, “black monkey”, and “nigger”).

They also assert that defendants mocked employees with disabilities by, for example, referring to one plaintiff (who is blind in one eye) as “cyclops” and referring to another plaintiff (who suffered from cerebral palsy and moderately severe rhinophyma, a rare skin disorder causing abnormal overgrowth of nose glands) as the “nose guy”.

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