Gender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit By Heterosexual Hotel Worker

In a Manhattan federal lawsuit, captioned Rodriguez v. Highgate Hotels (SDNY 16-cv-05736, filed July 19, 2016), plaintiff (a male hotel worker) alleges that he was terminated for having a relationship with a female co-worker, while the defendant did not discipline (and in fact celebrated) a “clandestine romantic relationship” between a male supervisor and his male subordinate. Plaintiff asserts, inter alia, that “[d]efendant discriminated against Plaintiff because he is a heterosexual man; Defendant created restrictive rules solely for him and terminated him based on those rules, which did not apply to women or to homosexual men.” The complaint contains claims for gender and sexual orientation discrimination under the NYC Human Rights Law, as well as a common-law claim for negligent retention and supervision.

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