Gender Discrimination & Wage Violation Lawsuit Against Robert De Niro

Here is the recent lawsuit, captioned Graham Chase Robinson v. Robert De Niro and Canal Productions, Inc., SDNY, 19-cv-09156 (filed October 3, 2019), in which the plaintiff – a former executive assistant to Robert De Niro – asserts claims of gender discrimination and wage/hour violations against the legendary actor and what the complaint characterizes as his “corporate alter ego.”[1]This firm does not represent any parties to this lawsuit.

This lawsuit follows a prior one, in which De Niro’s company asserted claims against Ms. Robinson which this complaint characterizes as containing “false allegations designed to inhibit Ms. Robinson from pursuing her [discrimination] claims, destroy her reputation, and obliterate her job prospects.”

Here, Plaintiff alleges, inter alia, that De Niro “attacked [plaintiff] in gender terms”, “made vulgar, inappropriate, and gendered comments to Ms. Robinson”, and told her that doing manual labor would “make a man out of [her].”

Download File (PDF, 356KB)

1 This firm does not represent any parties to this lawsuit.
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