Andrew Cuomo’s “Position Statement” Regarding Sexual Harassment Allegations

In a document titled “Position Statement of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Concerning the Sexual Harassment Allegations Made Against Him” dated August 3, 2021, Governor Cuomo’s attorney attempts to refute the sexual harassment allegations against him.

From the Position Statement:

The way he interacts with others is not gender-based: he has hugged or kissed male and female members of his staff, Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Andrea Stewart Cousins and Carl Heastie, as well as constituents he meets on the street, and family and friends, as has been well documented. The Governor’s interaction has been on public display virtually on a daily basis for nearly 20 years. The Governor’s conduct in this regard is unremarkable: Democratic and Republican politicians, male and female alike, use handshakes, hugs, and kisses to connect with others.

To begin, this argument is weak at best, since it effectively ignores the subjective element of a hostile work environment claim. The listed people simply do not stand in the same position as a female subordinate whose career is dependent on the governor’s endorsement – or lack thereof.

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