Negligent Hiring/Training

School bullying is unquestionably a serious issue. Whether it’s “traditional” physical bullying or so-called “cyberbullying”, such conduct can have negative effects on the victims for years after the fact. Bullying also presents legal issues, namely, whether and to what extent the school will be liable when a bullied victim sustains injuries. A recent case, Amandola v.…

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Don’t cry fight over spilled milk alcohol. That’s the (non-legal) takeaway from Selmani v City of New York, in which the Appellate Division, Second Department permitted plaintiff’s claims for negligent hiring, supervision, training, and retention to continue against defendants City of New York and the New York City Fire Department. The case arose from injuries sustained by plaintiffs during…

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Below is the complaint filed on April 15, 2014 against the City of New York and several “John Doe” police officers by Theodora Ray, who is one of the bystanders shot by the NYPD during the botched September 14, 2013 attempt to apprehend an (unarmed) Glenn Broadnax. (I previously wrote about a similar suit, arising from a…

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