Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against David Bouley

In a recent lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court, captioned Germain v. David Bouley LLC et al (Index No. 160184/2015, filed 10/2/15), plaintiff alleges that she was subjected to a hostile work environment based on sex and constructive discharge in violation of the NYS and NYC Human Rights Laws.

Among other things, plaintiff alleges that while employed by Bouley Restaurant at 163 Duane Street in Manhattan, her immediate (male) supervisor sexually harassed by her by, for example,

  • telling her “that he liked her body and that he could smell that she was a party girl”,
  • inviting her out for drinks,
  • “making use of sexual innuendos when talking with her”,
  • “star[ing] at her chest”,
  • “brush[ing] up against [plaintiff]’s rear end”, and
  • telling plaintiff that she should not wear certain pants “because it excited him too much”.

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