$2.1 Million Consent Decree in Gender Discrimination/Failure to Hire Case Against Mavis Tire et al

In a consent decree filed on March 24, 2016, plaintiff U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and defendants (various Mavis Tire entities and Cole Muffler) resolved plaintiff’s claims of gender discrimination (failure to hire).

In its 2012 federal court complaint, the EEOC asserted that

Defendants … failed to hire … qualified female applicants while hiring less qualified men for positions in Defendants’ branch stores. Defendants’ hiring practices have been undertaken with the purpose and have had the effect of denying women employment because of their sex in violation of Title VII. Additionally, Defendants failed to retain applications and related documents, in violation of the record-keeping requirements of Title VII.
Among its many provisions, it requires Mavis to pay a total of $2.1 million to the claimants and an intervening plaintiff.

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