Jury Awards $50,000 to Plaintiff on Retaliation Claims in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

In Echevarria v. Insight Medical, P.C. et al, SDNY Case No. 13-cv-03710, a federal jury recently awarded a plaintiff $50,000 in compensatory damages ($0 in punitive damages) in her sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against a Bronx medical practice and its principals.

Plaintiff alleged that one individual defendant sexually harassed her – by, for example, sending her unwanted text messages and inviting her to accompany him to Atlantic City for sex – and that another terminated her in retaliation for her opposition to the harassment.

The jury declined to find that the plaintiff was subjected to sexual harassment, but found for her on her retaliation claims. Furthermore, while it found that she was entitled to compensatory damages, it assessed them only against the entity and not against the individual defendants.

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