Jury Awards $40,000 to Man Sexually Harassed by Female Boss

A Brooklyn federal jury recently awarded $40,000 (comprising $10,000 compensatory, $30,000 punitive) to plaintiff Corey Lashley on his claims of quid pro quo sexual harassment, hostile work environment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Plaintiff alleged in his complaint that his female boss – who hired him after meeting him at a nightclub – sexually harassed him and fired him after he rebuffed her sexual demands. (Defendant recently filed a motion seeking to overturn the verdict.)

The laws prohibiting sexual harassment protect not only women, but men as well. Here’s another lawsuit in which a male subordinate is alleging sexual harassment by his female boss(es).

Update: In a decision dated March 9, 2015, Judge Cogan upheld the jury’s verdict on plaintiff’s quid pro quo sexual harassment claim, as well as its award of damages.

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