Sexual Orientation Discrimination Lawsuit Against Speyer Legacy School

In a recently-filed Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, captioned Cohen v. Speyer Legacy School et al (NY Sup. Ct. NY Cty. 157853/2016), plaintiff asserts that he was subjected to discrimination based on his sexual orientation and retaliation against an elite private Manhattan school for gifted children.

Plaintiff (who is gay) alleges, among other things, that he was told that he was “not a good fit” and then replaced by a heterosexual married female. It also alleges:

School officials and teachers have a responsibility to lead students toward their maximum learning potential. Such leadership includes showing students how to follow the laws designed to regulate work environments, including schools. Here, by their own conduct, Defendants violated the laws enacted to eliminate unlawful discrimination. By allowing stereotypical ideas about homosexuality to enter into the learning environment and cloud compliance with the law, Speyer has failed to lead.

Plaintiff asserts claims of breach of contract, as well as claims of discrimination in violation of the New York State and City Human Rights Laws.

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