Former Kargo Global Employee Alexis Berger Seeks to Enforce $40 Million Arbitration Award in Gender Discrimination Case

In a recent filing, petitioner Alexis Berger seeks confirmation under Section 9 of the Federal Arbitration Act (9 U.S.C. sec. 9) of an Arbitrator’s Award – totaling $40,925,284.20 – on her claims of gender discrimination, retaliation, unequal pay, and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing against her former employer Kargo Global, Inc.

In the Award – which is attached as Exhibit A to the Declaration supporting Petition and which begins at p. 21 of the above-linked/below-embedded document – Arbitrator Billie Bolombaro found, inter alia, that Berger was not terminated for cause, the alleged “causes” provided by the company were pretextual, and that

[s]exual discrimination was, at the very least, a motivating factor in her termination, and this was a collaborative orchestration carried out in a malicious, insidious, and humiliating manner, having the effect of depriving her of her earned commissions, her retention bonus, her stock options, her position, her livelihood, and her dignity.

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