Aspiring Model’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Below is a copy of the complaint filed by aspiring model Hayden Holt against New York modeling agency Emmanuel NY Models Inc. and its principal, Aristeo Tengco, for sexual harassment, retaliation, wage violations, and breach of contract.

Specifically, Holt asserts that Tengco inappropriately touched her, and then retaliated against her – by apparently having her “blacklisted” – when she rebuffed his advances.  She also alleges that defendants improperly charged her a $2,000 “portfolio fee” and a $2,000 “coaching fee”, and withheld money she earned from modeling jobs pending repayment of these fees.

She alleges violations of the New York City Human Rights Law, the New York Labor Law, and general contract law.

Download File (PDF, 2.5MB)

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